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Ballistol Robla solvent black powder 100 ml

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Special black powder

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ROBLA Black owder-Solvent

For Muzzle loaders, Blank Guns and Signal Weapons

For the removal and treatment of remainders of black powder, e.g. in muzzle loaders, blank guns and signal weapons, BALLISTOL-KLEVER has developed a special product for you: Robla Blackpowder-Solvent.

Contrarious to the propelling charge of modern ammunition which hardly produces any smoke, remainders out of the deflagration of black powder consist of anorganic salts, soot and other products of combustion.
These remnants endorse the destructive forces of corrosion in the barrel much more than the remnants of modern propelling charges do.

Gun oils which are all of organic nature cannot eliminate those remnants satisfactorily. That is why you need Robla Blackpowder-Solvent, which masters that problem in an outstanding way.

Instructions for use:
Saturate the tow or felt stopper attached to your cleaning-rod, or the brush youf pur­chased together with you blank gun with Robla Blackpowder-Solvent. Then pull the tow, etc, several times through the barrel that is to be cleaned. How often you repeat this procedure is dependent on how much residue has accumulated in the barrel. Analogously the revolving breeches in blank guns must be treated. Then the treated parts need to be dried by pulling through a new tow for instance, and finally. BALLlSTOL shoud be applied as described in chapter one. lt is advisable to repeat this procedure several times to achieve optimal results.

ATTENTION: Robla Blackpowder-Solvent can damage the browning of your gun. So try to avoid squirts on the browning. Should it happen that some solvent gets onto the browning, it must be dabbed immediatety, and the afflicted spot must be rinsed with water. Never let your gun lie around for a longer period of time after it has been treated with Robla Blackpowder-Solvent. Subsequent to that your gun ought to get an after-treatment with BALLISTOL. If the solvent gets into your eyes, rinse with water at once. If the solvent gets in contact with your skin, it is enough ta simply wipe it off.

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