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D-PLOMB ARMAESTRIA cleaner removing 200 ml

Reference -ARMAESTRIA-510016
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Eliminate all firing residues

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Interior cleaning cleaner for cannons, barrels and any parts that may be in contact with firing residues.

Cleans, lubricates, protects, removes powder residues (also black powder), as well as copper, lead, zinc, tombac, nickel, steel.


• Maintenance inside the cannons, cylinder heads, barrels. Whether it's hunting or shooting, your weapons get stuck with shots and the various residues that accumulate inside the barrels and barrels can reduce their performance or even damage them.

• Effective on lead, D-PLOMB ARMAESTRIA dissolves and neutralizes the combustion residues that are deposited on

the interior of cannons and barrels.

D-PLOMB ARMAESTRIA also deposits a protective film that acts as an anti-corrosion barrier.

D-PLOMB ARMAESTRIA is equipped with a cannula to mount on the diffuser, thus ensuring a good diffusion of the product inside the barrels


No silicone, no ptfe, no graphite.




Thoroughly spray D-PLOMB ARMAESTRIA inside the barrel, breech or barrel.

• Thoroughly clean / wipe any dripping from the barrel or barrel.

• Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.

• Wipe the inside surface with a bottle brush, cap or cleaning cloth "no abrasive ".


It is strongly recommended to use D-PLOMB ARMAESTRIA after your hunting or shooting day.

Used in this way, a simple spraying followed by wiping will be sufficient before a complete and thorough cleaning!


Dangerous - Respect precautions


Download here the SDS

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