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D-COPPER ARMAESTRIA cooper cleaner 100 ml

Reference -ARMAESTRIA D-CUIVRE 51002
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Eliminates copper in barrels, for safe and efficient cleaning

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D-COPPER ARMAESTRIA removes copper deposited inside barrels and thus increases the accuracy of your weapon when firing.

Safe for your barrel and easy to use, D-COPPER ARMAESTRIA extends the life of handguns, long guns and shotguns.


Manual :


  • For a heavily soiled weapon, spray D-COPPER ARMAESTRIA directly into the barrel after having plugged its end. After 5 minutes, pass a rod with a brass head, then a tissue swab followed by a cleaning swab, patch or cord soaked in D-COPPER ARMAESTRIA
  • If necessary repeat the operation until there is no residue on the tampon or patch.
  • For routine maintenance, spray D-COPPER on a cleaning pad, patch or cord and pass it through your barrel.
  • At the end of the shooting session and after cleaning, lubricate the barrel (we recommend the LGREASE ARMAESTRIA wipe) and the mechanisms (we recommend ARMELUB ARMAESTRIA).

100 ml


Dangerous, respect precautions


Download the SDS here

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