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Gun bluing remover DBRONZE ARMAESTRIA 1 liter

Reference -ARMAESTRIA-510018
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Gun bluing remover & stripping of gun barrel, etc.

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D-BRONZ ARMAESTRIA synergizes different types of active substances in order to bring you a fast and effective of your guns, barrels, etc.


Effective on all ferrous metals, D-BRONZ L dissolves and gives metal surfaces their pre-tanned appearance.


Manual :


Wear gloves and goggles.

• With a brush, by spraying or soaking, apply D-BRONZ ARMAESTRIA extensively on the surface to be treated (with a brush or by spraying, apply D-BRONZ ARMAESTRIA to flat surfaces to prevent drips product too important).

• Leave to act for 15 minutes (by soaking for 10 minutes).

• Brush with a stiff brush (or card with fine steel wool) the treated surface.

• Thoroughly rinse the treated surface.

• Dry with a clean cloth.

• If you want to sustainably preserve the untreated treated surface, apply ARMELUB, FINISH or LGREASE to protect it from corrosion.


Warning: D-BRONZ ARMAESTRIA is corrosive!

Remember to rinse and dry the surfaces in contact with the product


Dangerous - Respect precautions


Download the SDS here



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