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» » UNPASS thunderbolt cleaning wipes - box of 80 + black microfiber

UNPASS thunderbolt cleaning wipes - box of 80 + black microfiber

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The new generation of indoor and outdoor wipes!

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Designed to bring you efficiency, ease and safety in the maintenance of your car or motorcycle, the Thunderbolt wipe from Unpass will delight you with its cleaning power, its versatility and its ability to refurbish quickly and effortlessly, without equipment. nor constraint.


Thunderbolt cleaning wipes from UNPASS
were voted N ° 1 in the comparison of wipes made by

the AutoPlus review of March 2020 (N ° 1645)!


  • Cleans gloss and protects without scratching, without water or foam
  • Removes the impacts of insects, defacation, resins and tree sap on bodywork, optics, headlights, plastic and mirrors 
  • Unclog, tar the rims, rocker panels, wheel arches without altering them whatever their nature: aluminum, alloy, varnish, plastic or paint.
  • Cleans gloss and protects all types of bodywork (matt or shiny) by depositing an invisible water-repellent and anti-static film
  • Cleans and protects the interior of the car without artificial effect (dashboard, door seal, plastic, gear lever, etc.), leather, skai, Alcantara by restoring their original shine
  • Cleans and shines the chrome, opens the fibers of your carpets, giving them volume, protects and does not leave a greasy film on windows and windshields.

Manual :


- Remove the cover from the box of Thunderbolt cleaning wipes

- Peel off and remove the aluminum seal (which proves that the box is new)

- Take the wipe from the center and slide it into the hood dispenser

- Take a wipe out of the box using the hood dispenser

- Fold the wipe in half and lay it flat on the hand (you thus have 4 cleaning surfaces)

- Pet the surface to be cleaned without pressing excessively. If the surface becomes slippery, you can slightly increase the pressure.

- Always proceed by small surface, without rubbing, by describing small circles and leave to act for a few seconds.

- Then pass a microfiber, making a rapid and circular movement, without pressing


Once your cleaning is complete, close the hatch securely.
(We advise you to install a plastic film between the box and the cover in order to make it completely airtight, thus preventing your wipes from drying out too quickly!)


Remember to wash your microfiber every 3 to 4 cleanings of your car (by hand, without fabric softener)




To optimize the use of the wipe, always use it from the least dirty to the dirtiest surfaces.
The Thunderbolt cleaning cloth from UNPASS becomes ineffective when it is dry. As long as it stays wet, you can continue to use it!


As a guide, you should need 5 to 6 wipes for a standard size car.
Obviously, if it is very dirty, it will take one or two more ...



Thunderbolt is non-flammable.


Box of 80 wipes + microfiber

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