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Rustling LEFAUCHEUX steel / iron shock gel 500 ml

Reference -LEFAU100-404
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This powerful deoxidizer quickly eliminates corrosion fungi.

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Manual :

Wearing gloves and glasses, spread a greasy and uniform layer of gel on the surface to be treated using a nylon brush.

Wait for the product to turn brown, check a small area to see if the metal is bare, otherwise re-apply.

Rub with steel wool.

Rinse with water while brushing and dry using a hair dryer if necessary.

Stabilize with the neutralizer by passing several applications.


Precautions and recommendations:

It is essential to stabilize the metal treated with the neutralizer before undertaking any other treatment on it.
Without the use of the neutralizer, the oxidation will return to beautiful blus very quickly ...

Pass the neutralizer several times because some steels have become porous.
Gloves and glasses essential.


500 ml


Dangerous - Respect precautions



Download here the SDS


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