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Lefaucheux Gun bluing "blue" 50 ml

Reference -LEFAU100-392
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This layered gun bluing restore for old weapons the brilliant and icy blue of the late 19th and early 20th century.

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The color obtained, both deep and transparent, is particularly suitable for old weapons.

Manual :

The parts to be blued must be polished and perfectly degreased. If necessary repolish the metal.

- Degrease with the degreasing solvent.
- Spread the blue with a wick pad slightly impregnated with blue liquor avoiding dripping.

- Let dry several hours (one night for the 1st layer).


Then card, that is to say rub lightly (otherwise you remove the thin layer of tanning with oxidation dust) with steel wool until complete disappearance of marbling or oxidation dust (color yellowish to brown).


- Apply again "blue tan" with a bit of wick (or with a wide brush) and allow to dry again.
(You can "rinse" between each layer with degreaser solvent to remove the impurities associated with the use of steel wool but it is not mandatory ...)

- Card again after complete drying.

- Repeat the operation several times (between 4 and 8 times), until obtaining the desired sustained blue.


After the last coat, rinse with clear water and dry well. You can use a hair dryer.

Then apply a light coat of finish (without rubbing ...) with a cotton wick.

The "blue finish" will give an extra shine to your freshly made tan.

Precautions and recommendations:

The steels used for the different pieces of a weapon are not the same, so the shades may vary.

Depending on the quality and quantity of carbon contained in the steels, the tan may have different mottles or shades.

We advise you to perform tests to determine the desired tone.


Dangerous - Respect precautions




Download here the SDS

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