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Damascus brown Armistol 120 ml

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Damascus brown finish, dead leaf color

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Preliminary work:
Polishing - Degreasing - Brush after drying.


Manual :
- Spread with a cotton pad on a polished and degreased part, evenly and without excess.
- After 6 to 12 hours, card the oxide that has formed.

- Repeat the operation until the desired shade is obtained (8 to 10 coats required)

At the end of the treatment, immerse in cold water with the addition of 3 to 4 tablespoons of Saint-Marc detergent.
-Rinse and oil (preferably with Armistol oil).


Gives a brown tint to steels.


Tips and tricks :

There may be no chemical reaction in the first layers.
Above all, do not despair, it is generally necessary to exceed 5 applications to have the start of results.

And for an optimal result (and especially according to the steels ...), it is generally necessary to make between 8 and 10 applications while respecting the drying times (therefore oxidation ...) between each coat.

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