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Metal degreaser ARMAESTRIA 50 ml without solvent, before gun bluing
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Cleaner, descaler, degreaser DGREASE ARMAESTRIA 50 ml

Reference -ARMAESTRIA-510013
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for rifle butt, mechanisms and guns

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Complete cleaner before tanning, cleaning butts, mechanisms and guns


- Deincrust, dissolve, degrease and effortlessly cleans all metal parts and other surfaces of the weapon.
- Ready to use, odorless
- Immediate action


Manual :


Shake well before use

• Pouring DGREASE ARMAESTRIA  into a cup,
• Using a brush, apply 1 to 2 layers of the product on the metal parts (inside and outside) to be degreased and leave for 2 to 3 minutes.
• Rub with a cloth or a brush if necessary then rinse with water,
• Wipe with a dry, clean cloth and allow to dry.
• Repeat the operation if necessary.


Tips and tricks :
You can improve the process by passing your room to the "souflette" after rinsing it.
Do not wait to start processing the metal because it, exposed, may oxidize quickly!


Can of 50 ml


Dangerous - Respect precautions


Download here the SDS 

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