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DBronz Gel 200 ml
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Gun bluing gel remover DBRONZE ARMENET 200 ml

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Gun bluing remover & stripping of gun barrel, etc.

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D-BRONZ Gel synergizes different types of active substances in order to provide you with rapid and effective debronization of your barrels, barrels, etc.


Effective on all ferrous metals, D-BRONZ Gel dissolves and restores metal surfaces to their pre-tan appearance.


Manual :


Wear gloves and protective goggles.

• Using a brush, apply D-BRONZ Gel abundantly to the surface to be treated.

(The advantage of the gel is that it flows less than D-BRONZ Liquid.)
• Leave on for 15 minutes
• Brush with a semi-rigid brush (or card with fine steel wool) the treated surface.
• Rinse the treated surface thoroughly.
• Dry with a clean cloth.
• If you wish to keep the debronzed treated surface for a long time, apply ARMELUB, FINISH or LGREASE in order to protect it from corrosion.


Warning: D-BRONZ G is corrosive!
Remember to rinse and dry the surfaces in contact with the product.


Dangerous, respect precautions

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