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Black tan pack 4 products + microfiber

Reference -CANON005
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From degreaser to finishing product!

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1) CANON NET solvent-degreaser:
Canon Net scrubs, dissolves, degreases and cleans effortlessly all metal parts and other surfaces of the weapon. Ready to use and odorless.

Canon Net instructions:

  • Put Canon Net into a dish. Using a brush or a little cotton wick, apply 1 to 2 coats of Canon Net to the metal parts (interior and exterior) to be degreased and leave to act for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Rub with a cloth or brush if necessary, then rinse with water.

Repeat the operation according to the degree of soiling.

250 ml can


2) CANON NOIR cold bluing:
- Professional tanning, now available to the general public.
- For all weapons and steel parts.
- Protects metal parts from possible oxidation and future corrosion. 250 ml can


Canon Noir instructions:
Once the metal parts are degreased and dry:

  • Apply in a thin layer of Black Barrel (with a cotton wick or a "fine hair" brush) directly on the barrel and on the metal parts to be tanned.
  • Allow the first application to dry for 1 to 2 hours and lightly card with a fine steel wool type 0000 the fine surface oxidation (yellow to gray color ..).
  • Repeat the operation until the desired shade is obtained, leaving between 30 and 45 minutes each new layer of Canon Noir. Do not degrease between each layer

On the 4th pass, your room must be perfectly black.


  • Finish the tan by generously applying the "nourishing gun CANON PRO, imperative for a long lasting gun bluing over time!

It is compulsory to carry out a perfect degreasing of the metal before each tan.



3) Nourishing weapon CANON PRO 250 ml:

Used alone, Canon Pro maintains and gives the appearance of new to the stock, mechanisms and barrels.

Canon Pro also allows the anchoring of the tan by a protection and a perfect finish.


Canon Pro is ready to use. It nourishes and protects the new gun bluing made.
It provides a natural shine and increased resistance to wear thanks to its protective film.


Canon Pro User Guide:

  • Apply directly to the weapon and to the barrel (inside and outside) and to the metal, mechanical, magazine, barrel, to be lubricated.
  • Let dry and buff with microfiber for a satin shine.

Repeat the operation until a perfect result is obtained.
Does not attack or attack supports (wood, plastic, bakelite, etc.)


4) CANON LUB 200 ml penetrating lubricant:


Canon Lub combines all the functions of penetrating oil, cleaner, anti-rust, lubricant and water repellent protection. Canon Lub is 100% ecological since 100% vegetable.

Immediate and long-lasting action.

Aerosol without propellant!


Canon Lub instructions:

  • Spray Canon Lub on the surfaces to be released.
  • Repeat the operation if necessary.
  • Let Canon Lub penetrate

Do not wipe the film formed by Canon Lub in order to ensure a lasting and preventive action.

200 ml can


5) A microfiber for polishing the gun bluing at the end of the operation.



Dangerous - respect precautions




Download here the SDS for the Canon Noir cold bluing


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