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Kit ballistol bronzing steel + degreaser + oil steel + ceramic oil + oil wood
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Ballistol quick-browning set 6

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Kit Contents:

- 1 x Robla cold degreaser 50 ml

- 1 x Klever fast tanning 50ml

- 1 x Ballistol Universal Oil 200ml

- 2 x brushes of goat hair

- 1 x microfiber + 1 x Ballistol cloth

- 1 x robla Solo Mil 65 ml

- 1x GunCer ceramic oil 65 ml

-1 x Balsin neutral oil for wood 65 ml


+ 1 nylon curette!


Allows a complete tanning operation, from degreaser to finishing oil.


How to use the quick tanning klever:


- Degrease carefully the weapon once it is removed.

- Apply KLEVER rapid bronzing on the part to be browned (steel up to 3% chromium), using the dropper or brush. A very thin layer is enough!

- Leave it to work for about 3 minutes until it forms a yellowish deposit.

- Rinse with water and repeat the operation at least 4 times for a deeper tan

- Dry by dabbing with a soft cloth and spray with BALLISTOL oil.


Nothing simpler, faster, more economical! KLEVER quick tanning guarantees a durable and resistant browning.



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