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Autosol Metal Polish Chrome 75 ml

Reference -AUTOSOL075
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Fabulous renovator!

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Metal Polish allows you to deoxidize your chrome (from the moment it remains "Chrome" ...) and all your objects in copper, brass, steel with superficial oxidation.

It is also a universal brightener for all your ferrous and non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, etc.)

Regarding the restoration of hunting or shooting weapons, some of our customers shine their new tan between each application of liquor to tan (not to forget to degrease after application) at the same time as their carding operation.

Approved EADS. Often copied, never equaled!

Manual :

For slightly tarnished or oxidized surfaces, apply Autosol Metal Polish with a clean cloth.
Scrub vigorously and polish with a clean cloth or better, a microfiber.

For a more oxidized surface or a faster result, rub your surface with a very fine steel wool mixed with polish metal.
Then shine identically with a soft cloth or microfiber.

After polishing, your surface will be protected for a certain time depending on the "attacks" (humidity, cold, dirt, etc.) that your surface will undergo.

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