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Armistol Buffer varnish, 1L can

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Shellac produces flexible, shiny, indelible, decorative varnishes which adhere perfectly to the substrates.

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Traditional shellac, prepared from an organic resin of animal origin and denatured alcohol.


Shellac-based varnish dries quickly, but does not harden for a few hours.
Shellac is absolutely non-toxic, has no unpleasant odor.


Manual :
Shake well before each use.
First, strip the piece, pass with petroleum jelly to brighten and enhance the natural color of the wood.
After drying, seal the pores.

- The tampon is usually made with a piece of wool that is rolled up on itself to obtain a ball that is rolled up again with a used piece of canvas.

You can more easily use the cotton sponge.

To load the pad or sponge, we lift the canvas so that the varnish can impregnate the wool and gradually descend on the wood.

- Move the pad evenly in circular movements and spread the varnish well without neglecting the edges and corners (the pad should only be loaded after making sure that the varnish already applied has been spread on the part).

- Never insist on the same place for any reason whatsoever (otherwise, risk of catching the sponge on the varnish with the obligation to start from zero!)

If we have to make a stain disappear, it will be alleviated much more by not emphasizing it!

Shellac, 95% alcohol.
Shellac is not resistant to alkaline products, it is sensitive to heat and household products.
However, a shellac finish has the advantage of great ease of repair.


1 liter


Dangerous, respect precautions


Download here the SDS

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