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ARMAESTRIA DESOXY steel deoxidizer 250 ml

Reference -ARMAESTRIA-510008
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Rust removing phosphating ferrous metals

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Removes all traces of oxidation from ferrous metal surfaces


• DESOXY ARMAESTRIA dissolves ferrous and ferric oxides which it transforms into soluble and stable salts.
• DESOXY ARMAESTRIA forms a protective anticorrosion layer whose resistance over time is several weeks.
• DESOXY ARMAESTRIA can be used either in direct application with a brush, or in immersion.


DESOXY can be used neat or diluted 33% to 66%.

The choice of concentration depends on the extent of the oxidation and the volume of the part to be treated.


Manual :

• Put on gloves and glasses.
• Make the chosen dilution (CAUTION: always pour DESOXY into the water and not the other way around).
• Apply the product to the surface with a brush or by dipping.
• Leave to act for at least two hours (when soaking we advise you to leave it on for 4 to 6 hours).

 At the end of the action time, your part should be covered with a layer of phosphate (white salts deposited on the surface) and all your corrosion points should be gone or blackened.

• Brush or card the blackened points / areas with 0000 steel wool.
• Reapply the product to the surface in the same way as the first time.
• Leave to act for one hour.
• Rinse the surface with plenty of clean water (lukewarm if possible).
• Wipe the surface with a clean cloth and allow the part to finish air-drying or air-drying.
• Repeat the operation if traces of corrosion persist
(no risk for the surface, DESOXY does not attack healthy surfaces).
• Once the part is completely dry, apply a coat of FINISH or ARMELUB.


Dangerous, respect precautions


Download the SDS here

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